25 Replies to “World Cup Team Profile: BRAZIL”

  1. Be careful Brazil, you are the most disorganized country ever seem.
    I am Brazilian but I do not trust in Brazilian people. 

  2. The most entertaining soccer is only played by Brazil theres no other!!!

  3. That’s cool how Neymar’s first World Cup game will be in his home state

  4. The Brazilians should watch out for mexico in the group stage. I know
    mexico isnt doing to good at the moment but Mexico always finds away to
    give Brazil a run for their money.I expect Brazil to make it the finals 

  5. Of course, Brazil is the most favorite to win the “World Cup 2014”.

  6. AHhahaha …England will lose to Brazil Folks …stop the Dreaming thing

  7. People might say Brazil will win, but critics and matches have shown that
    the Germans are the strongest contender.

  8. England beat Brazil and all of there dreams.
    Im waiting for that team profile.

  9. The “it” team this summer, especially, being at home. But, pressure is
    highhhhhh. We’ll see.

  10. WTF!!! How can u guys forget Ronaldinho and his contribution to the

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