21 Replies to “World Cup Cottbus Part 1”

  1. Does anybody know the difficulty value that the triple twisting Yurchenko received in the 2004-2008 quadrennium (when Alexander Artemov was attempting it) and the 2008-2012 quadrennium (Uchimura)?

  2. DKMN81 I second that! The commentator accidentally thought that Whitlock completed 2 1/2 and not 3 1/2 when looking at slow-mo.; this shows how rare the combo. is! I hope Shikhaliyev was rewarded for his execution of rolling tumbling runs; I like how he ascends in a piked position. Was Sepulveda’s first tumbling run a double-full layout in, pike out or layout out? Is this more difficult than double layout full in, full out in the code of points?

  3. holy shit how many people are doing back 3 1/2 twists now that’s ridiculousness lolol

  4. Fabuloso Tomàs, saludos desde Italia….:)
    gracias por subir el video…

  5. gracias! estamos orgullosos de nuestro Tomás 😉 saludos a México desde Chile 🙂

  6. That is the proper way to round off to generate the most height. It is common from the gymnasts who do not use back-handsprings.

  7. Tomas Gonzalez es un Chileno muy chingon, felicidades por ese extraordinario gimnasta, es grande.en piso pero es mas grande en salto

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