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  1. i don´t think so, england 1st, 2nd Croatia and they play in the Playoffs against Turkey 😀

  2. maybe an updated response but nevertheless.. as I remember one of our players was sent off.. So if u call 11 players beating 10 players “being mauled” then ok.. but I guess the frustrations from watching the entire European Championship from the sidelines provoked such a statement.. and another thing. why are you still bragging about winning the World Cup in 1966 when you haven’t achieved anything since then. Uruguay won the World Cup in 1930, that dont make them a good team..

  3. dont take a video like this to talk of politics, but a comment i would make would be that yes basra was the worst place for insurgency in iraq, which is exactly why UK and not US forces were sent there. it is now one of the safest iraqi cities, so all credit to the fearless and professional uk troops. keep this about footy though mate yeh. 🙂

  4. The origins of the tie came from Crotia – nothing like the modern tie but I’ll give you that – you must be very proud. The pencil belongs to France and Electricity my friend (as we know it) originates from England 1600….tut tut

  5. we are a country that has one the world cup, when have you done that? rankings mean nothing, as proved when we came over and mauled you last night. but i hand it to you, a country of 4 million should never be able to beat a large nation of over 50 million, you did it twice, but we have now put you in your place

  6. Sword blue it’s not just about the win it’s about revenge, the english do tend to hold a grudge….. we’re terrible losers and even worse when we win.

  7. Congrats England! I do agree that one should show respect. I enjoy and insist on fair play.

    I actually usually cheer for England when they play. I was mostly responding to those fans who don’t know how to win gracefully. Some of the harsh reactions to winning on this page and elsewhere are actually reactions to being beaten in the first place. Try and show some grace in triumph! If others don’t that is their folly.

  8. I agree that one should show respect and anyone from any side who doesn’t they should learn to. I love fair play and enjoy the game of football.

    For starch10.  Just a thought. How would you feel if you just beat someone in away that not one thought you could? You would probably talk about it a lot too.

    Congrats England!

  9. Bragging about this win is like the playground bully, who after getting his ass royally kicked, finally gets revenge on his prey, who of course is less than half his size and many years his younger! A true English football fan would see that.


  10. Yeah! You finally beat someone you should have beaten in the first place. You sure do brag a lot for being the biggest underachievers in the world of football!

  11. i thought you wankers said you were gonne beat us we made you look like the second rate third world team that you are….hahaha come on englanddddddddddddddddddddd

  12. My English friends, the Croatian players are used to that pressure every time they play for our country especially when they play at home,so i don’t think this will be a problem. If you think England is crazy for football, please come and visite Croatia than. No public services work during the game and the streets are empty. I hope to see a great game and that the best may win!

  13. Croatia are getting there hopes up for the game on Wednesday,they are all expecting to beat us and its not good as it puts pressure on the Croatian players. All I can say is you may be in for a shock!


    (I don’t mean to offend any croatian fans, You did totally outplay us in the euro 2008 qualifying games but we have a team that can beat anyone on our day).

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