World Cup 2006 (group F) Brazil vs. Croatia (1-0)

23 Replies to “World Cup 2006 (group F) Brazil vs. Croatia (1-0)”

  1. @Starvoid7 i’m not from SERBIA.
    Serbia is beautiful country,with beautiful nation.Croats are only dick and shit.
    I’m from Venecuela,u puta madre.
    Long live SERBIAN BROTHERS ! DIE croats DIE!

  2. better shut your mouth you Serbian fuck 🙂
    at least Croatia doesn’t lose 6:0 onworld championships like you do.
    your team is a fucking joke.

  3. @MaliMomak u dumb shit, im from Venezuela!
    Viva CASTRO! U hitler shit !!!!

  4. the best team i ever seen after barcelona…
    cafu, lucio, juan, r.carlos
    kaka, juninho, ze roberto, ronaldinho
    adriano, ronaldo

  5. @seccho447: My ass. Mexico is fucking better than fucking United States in soccer. I’m American, and I say Mexico beat United States 5-0 not to long ago in 2007. Shut the fuck up, and admit we Americans fuck in soccer.

  6. haha mexico sucks balls they’re not even better than USA anymore and americans don’t even plays soccer LMAO!!!!!!!!

  7. hahaha croatia allways beat germany, and they allways make a good role in the wc, what can a dirty mexican say about that?

  8. siptaru glupavi jebem ti sve po spisku, idi pusi kurac ustasi, YOU FUCKING ALBANIAN, i dont know what your saying but FUCK YOU. jebi se debilu jedan,

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