UEFA Euro 2012 Croatia vs Spain Gameplay Match Prediction!

Croatia Football Video Ranking: one / five

13 Replies to “UEFA Euro 2012 Croatia vs Spain Gameplay Match Prediction!”

  1. lol i thought this as well. What the hell is going on here, why is Victor
    Valdes playing outfield? Negredo at DM = fail

  2. I don’t think Victor Valdes will be playing right wing, Xabi Alonso will be
    at left back or Negredo will be playing defensive midfield as they are in
    the video…. but maybe your scoreline prediction will come true.

  3. the stupid referee. he should have award Croatia the penalty kick. i
    suppose these retarded people want Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, England
    and France to be in the next match, and send the underdog teams home
    earlier. Well i hope Germany and England will go to Final

  4. Fucking referees and whole stupid uefa.Uefa should look for great referees
    to be on such important matches and they always choose terrible.Stupid

  5. Nobody is stronger that Croatia not only in football but in many other
    sports. None of the countries on this world will ever dominate against
    us,no Spain,no Brazil ! Spain won by luck and there was no justice on that
    match. Spain,we could kick you out of Euro 2012 easily. Still don’t get me
    wrong,I love Spain and I always did and I hope that we will play again on
    another tournament with your great team. Greetings from your friend at
    Croatia With love!

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