Turkey vs Croatia 0-3 Play-Off Qualifications euro 2012 all highlights and goals

Croatia Soccer Video Rating: four / 5

25 Replies to “Turkey vs Croatia 0-3 Play-Off Qualifications euro 2012 all highlights and goals”

  1. Croatia always play good vs hard teams , italy never won vs croatia , germany lose much , is time for spain now

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  4. this is why “arabs” shouldnt play soccer espacially in europe

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  7. lol . u mad hahaha .. see ya in euro 2012..or not hahahahahha..it doesnt matter that our players cried when we lost in 2008 but that means only they play football with passion and heart for their country not like turkey bitches..cheers bro

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  12. Croatia beat Turkey but dont be mean about there religion what has that got to do with it?

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  14. Turkey suck in soccer dickheads could not make it to the last world cup nor euro 2012 – fucking muslim bastards sucked in..


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