The head coach of the Croatian national team, Niko Kovak travelled to the workshop which was organized by FIFA at the Brazilian island of Santa Catarina. The reunion involving all of the coaches of their respective national teams serves as preparation for the upcoming World Cup.

Croatia will start their World Cup schedule by playing against Brazil at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo in their opening match which is scheduled to be played on June 12.

Croatia was pitted in Group H for the 2016 Euro and they have to play against Italy, Norway, Bulgaria, Malta and Azerbaijan. According to Niko Kovac, Croatia are favorites on winning their group along with Italy.

“Together with Italy we are favorites to win the Group H”, Niko Kovac said after being notified that Croatia will meet Italy, Norway, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Malta.

Ahead of all the international matches that Niko Kovak has to deal with Croatia, there has been 2 new arrivals into the staff of the team that will be picking up roles as scouters as well as taking up additional responsibilities which include recording matches that Croatia will have to play against for the World Cup and monitoring their live matches.

‘’I am satisfied with the agreement, especially because their football philosophy coincide with those of the coaching staff. Both were excellent professionals with a recognized career abroad, excellent understanding of football and I am confident that the expert panel will provide valuable information’’. Niko Kovac stated.

The arrival of these new scouters into the team is hoping that can it help Croatia on pushing forward and getting positive results out of their upcoming international fixtures.