Qualifier 2014 Croatia vs Scotland 2013/06/07 Full Match Replay

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25 Replies to “Qualifier 2014 Croatia vs Scotland 2013/06/07 Full Match Replay”

  1. That was our 2nd home defeat in official mathes since we stepped out from
    Yugoslavia 1991. Only England, Scotland and Belgium beat Croatia at home in
    22 years

  2. Indeed, I support Belgium and we are a fantastic team! ” But the truth is
    Belgium isn’t qualified yet, but Belgium’s chances are looking A LOT better
    than Croatia’s now..” That’s what I mean Croatia!

  3. If we get 2:0 in Belgrade, Belgium you JUST play like against us, and
    GLASGOW , save us !! 😀

  4. shut up literate moron!!! belgium will do play-offs we gonna beat u and
    serbia and gonna be 1 in group you need to lose you dont deservet the world
    cup 2014 you not gonna be first in group !! you gonna be in play-offs and
    lose to someone team!!!

  5. Becaust we need the points against Wales and Scotland! They are both great
    teams, but for us it’s easy to pick 6 points. But like you say, if Croatia
    can (and it happend) lose against Scotland, than can Belgium situated in
    the same story = a lose. But the Belgium team don’t give it so fast up, we
    are heading with 3 points so we hope that it will stay!

  6. Huum, yes BUT! We have in this qualification always a score forward and our
    visitors have no chanche to score ( Macedonia 1-0 Croatia, Wales 1-0
    Croatia) Vs (Belgium – Croatia 1-1 and Belgium 2-1 Serbia). We see but I
    think we will recieve 7 or 9 points!

  7. Thank you Scots, it was a great night we had together in Zagreb, and I
    congratulate you all on your win! You are great fans and I wish you the
    best of luck in the remaining games. Greetings from Croatia!

  8. Dear Croatia, you have a thug way to play than us. You first go to Serbia
    (they hate you and want to win). Than we are your visitors in Split, draw
    like in Brussels? (The media over holl the world are liking the Belgians
    more than the Croats in group A) and than you go to Scotland (I guess they
    beat you a week ago). So don’t think that you guys are already in Brasil,
    Belgium or Croatia can still end First in Group A BUT! Be aware we are
    stang in points and goals better than you 🙂

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