Luka Modric on Real Madrid

Luka Modric reckons that there is a bit of biasness against Real Madrid in the Footballing world.

As per Modric, nobody cares when Madrid has to suffer because of the errors committed by the match officials, but, if such errors provide any kind of advantage to Madrid, all hell breaks loose.

Modric disagrees to the popular opinion that the result of the European Cup quarter final tie between Madrid and Munich would have been different if it was not for a string of refereeing errors.

The veteran playmaker opines that Madrid was a superior team to Munich throughout the tie and it was only fitting that they ended on the right side of the stick. To take the credit away from them by pointing out the refereeing errors is completely wrong.

Modric recalls that refereeing errors had happened during the first leg as well which had been held in the German capital. The home team was awarded an unfair penalty there. They eventually missed it, but, nevertheless, it had given them an opportunity.

Also, Modric believes that Munich proved to be lucky in the second leg too with that self-goal which went in the name of Sergio Ramos.

Modric is of the view that the self-goal shouldn’t have been validated there because it was an offside situation. However, Munich got away with it and that again flew under the radar and wasn’t discussed much after the game.

Talking about their opponent in the Round of 4 which happens to be their local rival Atletico, Modric says that he is happy to take on Atletico in the semis and not in the title game because there have been two title games already between these two teams in the previous three seasons and the audience of the competition wouldn’t have wanted another title game featuring the same teams.