18 Replies to “Ireland vs Croatia – Sunday 10.06.12 – Euro 2012 – Municipal Stadium, Poznan – Final Score: 1 – 3”

  1. @dedlyie2003 Did you read the description? Where it says that the footage is FIFA 12 Euro 2011 expansion pack footage? Because that’s exactly what this is you moronic pleb! Oh, and please spell things properly before accusing people of trolling

  2. @BigBadBootyDaddyMac This is not what the description saiad you trolling cunt

  3. What the fuck are you on about? Don’t come around my channel spouting shite like that, especially when there was no reason for it

  4. Look it is simple. If a person supports the deliberate replacement of Whites with non-Whites in traditionally White countries, then they are genocidal extremists targeting ALL of our White children for future non-existence!

    Why do these anti-Whites persist in denying the obvious, that they are anti-White?

    Keep Europe for White Europeans. Stop White genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  5. My hope is that they don’t get completely massacred by Spain, and perhaps snatch a 1-0 defeat against Italy

  6. @vidicisbeast If he really was this ‘god’ of a player…why did no-one keep him? Inter Milan, Liverpool etc and even Villa, a team fighting relegation, didn’t want to keep him! The only place he played well, was Spurs…and it shows you how great he was that, whilst their captain, Redknapp sent him on LOAN to Celtic lol Oh…and what does his 100+ goals in the Premiership really mean, when you consider Emile Heskey also has 117 Premier League goals

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