15 Replies to “IRELAND vs CROATIA EURO 2012 10/06/12 (1-3) PREVIEW (FIFA 12 gameplay)”

  1. He was offside long before getting the ball…and gained, thus, an
    advantage while being already off -side. These are the rules. The goal was
    illegal whether you like it or not. I am not a supporter of Ireland nor
    deslike Croatia. I am just a football fan.

  2. He was in passive offside,did not influence the game in any way UNTIL the
    Irish player passed him the ball,thus the goal was legal…Those are the
    rules,you can look it up….

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  4. You should maybe learn the rules first?An Irish player passed the ball to
    Jelavic,so there was no offside…..

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  6. Ireland 0 – 2 Croatia – Mandzukic (not sure if that’s the right spelling)
    and Modric

  7. Second Croatian goal: If this is not an of-side case, which one

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