12 Replies to “IDO HIPHOP WORLD CUP 2011 (2nd Place) BREAK A LEG – MACEDONIA”

  1. ARISTOTLE was a macedonian from stagira and as we all know he was a GREEK too…. = so mecedonia was and is a part of GREECE !!!!!!!!! so take the name butt you can never be macedonias ..sorry for the truth my friends :-ppp xDDDDD

  2. bravo, podobri se od vozrasnite, samo treba da vovedete povekje dvizhenje i na nozete, a ne samo na racete 🙂 Chestitki!!!!!!!!

  3. 1:28 Дечкото од десно направи грешка , али нема врска супер настап … заслужуваат прво место !!!

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