23 Replies to “[HD] Turkey vs Croatia 0-3 Highlights [English Commentary] EURO 2012.avi”

  1. i’m going to support Croatia on this years Euro but I’m sorry for Turkey. I still remember your great game in euro 2008.

  2. Mislim da cete na EP-u proci kao mi u Juznoj Africi jer realno do Svedjana od kojih ste izgubili niste odigrali ni protiv jedne ozbiljnije reprezentacije.Ovi turci su jadniji od naseg Srpskog tima iz zadnjih kvalifikacija.

  3. aaa ayıp beyler iddaamız yok ama iddaanamemiz var biz onla uğraşalım bu rezillik çok önemli değil 😀

  4. Who the fuck cares ??!! hahahaha..btw you’re a real hero, insulting people on the internet because of a misspelled word, very pathetic ! You must be some immigrant turk living in Canada, who still cannot accept that his national team lost to Croatia lol.. get a life !

  5. On the other hand Croatia’s coach and staff congratulated the Turks for their nice welcoming and respectfull way of handling, so sport is sport ! Both teams are true patriots so this time we got our revenge and that is what football ALL ABOUT !! Greetings from Croatia to Turkey

  6. M turkish friend, loosing with 0-3 at home in the most important game of the year , loosing your national coach, loosing 4 important players suspended by yellow cards for the away-game in Zagreb, open discussions between turkish players with turkish fans on the pitch, the entire stadium insulting the turkish goalkeeper, a empty stadium after only 65 minutes, the annulation of 3000 tickets for turkish fans in Zagreb ! THAT’S CALLED A BIG SLAP IN THE FACE !!

  7. we embarassed you in front of whole Europe,IN YOUR COUNTRY
    hahahahahahahaha I thing we’ll get over you somehow…:)

  8. We didn’t do anything to win against Croatia in both matches. Well deserved win for Croatians. Congratulating to them and good luck in European Champ.

  9. Ja sam iz Crne Gore i ispali smo nazalost, ali drago mi je zbog vas i necu da kazem nista osim bolji ste i pokazite se Evropi. Svaka cast braco! Samo naprijed!

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