24 Replies to “France – Croatia 2:1 (1998) 6th game (Semifinal)”

  1. The ref blew the game away from you? Bilic’s play acting saw Blanc get red & France played with 10 men. Croatia got their chances, they blew it. This should have been the final, these were the two best teams in the competition.

  2. Croatia crushed Germany, which was a better team than France at that time. France played more sloppy then my sister would against the Croats. The refs completely blew that match away from us. You and the other ignorant 31 Frenchies who liked your comment clearly didn’t watch the game.

  3. i agree, but every ref in the history of Croatia being close to winning a championship was/is against us.

  4. Patrick Vieira, Youri Djorkaeff, Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Robert Jarni, Aljoša Asanović, Zvonimir Boban, Davor Šuker… these socalled today stars cannot come even close

  5. Zidane lost the ball to asanovicball on Sukers Goal.. Asanovic made the play and threaded it to Suker for opening goal

  6. Le blanc pulled his shirt, pulled him towards hims and struck him in the chest and when a player strikes another player ref has no choice but to show the red.. what is le Blanc doing that in the attacking zone.. no need for it. Zidane head buts the guy a few WC later even though he is one of the best.. he did nothing this game Asanovic schooled him in mid field . Croatia gave the ball up twice they beat themselves.. it was there game, they created more but like Pele said.. ball is round !!

  7. And in saying all this Croatia is only a nation of 4.5million people and we do not have any immigrants like black Africans playing for our national side like France, England and Italy have. We soley depend on our own talent. Put it simply Croatians are good at everything they do.

  8. No if you know what your talking about then you would not have said what you did. Croatia was a far more better team, actualy at that time more than likely the best team in the world. Unfortunately they were very hard done by in this unfair match by its officials.

  9. France had no clear chanse except overdose lliliam thuram making 2 fouls before every goal ,,and few croatian players that sold this game

  10. What a game from France !!! France was clearly the best team and France won.
    France 2 – 1 Third world.


  12. i think Blanc knows that he made unexpirience mistake too coz u cant see him arguing to much while walking to thhe locker room

  13. he did flop,but no matter if he did or not what Blanc did deserves red card,his intention was clear,going with his hand to u guys face in football is always red card

  14. Brate kako si skuzia??gledaj picke kako se ne ljute posli ni jednog gola,kakve picke ,danas nam ti vode drzavu isti.ode drzava u picku materinu kakva lopovska generacija evo vidi se,a kolko smo bolji bili 300 puta,ovi em drogirani em domacini i mi vodimo 1 0 kakve kukavice

  15. and if u look at statisctics for Lillian Turam THIS ARE THE ONLY 2 GOALS he ever scored in his carrier for French Team.

  16. i was just about to say Lillian Thuram looked like on drugs cocaine xd,and he even showed it “in between the lines” after he scored 2 goal putting his finger on the nose we all know what this means,look at him running toward the center of the field after e scores goals,,ahahahahahhahahahahahaha he is like a robot its so funny,i think they overdose Lillian Thuram one dose too much

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