25 Replies to “FOOTBALL CARDS & STICKERS WORLD CUP 2014 ☆ MATCH1 BRAZIL v CROATIA ☆ adrenalyn xl & sticker packs”

  1. Wow mate, when you said to me there was going to be an epic series, I never
    knew you meant this epic!! But, you are Football Cards and Stickers, so it
    would be epic anyway!!! There is already loads up as I am commenting so I
    am going to watch the rest now!!
    I am just hoping that Honduras get to the final and Carlo Costly scores the
    winner in the last pack!! I hope you are with me on that one buddy haha!

  2. Hey Andy when you will upload a video with nordic booster box

  3. What an awesome idea ! Hopefully noone else copies it 😀 lol . Btw , Andy
    , please check out my last vid. 🙂 

  4. Andy can you make a video of you opening packs with your other
    friends?Please reply I have been waiting for them!

  5. Match1 – BRAZIL v CROATIA – Football Cards and Stickers World Cup

  6. Great video! Just a quick video idea for u, u should do a q&a while opening
    a booster box of one of the collections. 

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