25 Replies to “FIFA 12 – EURO 2012 – Croatia vs. England (Quarter Final) | Fuma Retro”

  1. I hate all the douche-bags in America that keep asking what is so great
    about soccer? It’s just a bunch a pansies kicking a ball around for 2
    hours, pretending to get hurt for penalty kicks. That describes pretty much
    ANY officially regulated game around the world, so fuck off! There may be
    some individual players who are pussies, but it’s really about the team,
    the country, and the love of the game. Just because someone doesn’t score
    every few seconds like in basketball… geez, Americans -_-

  2. *** THIS IS NOT THE NEW EURO PACK *** -> Check the date before not liking
    the video without any good reason

  3. Fifa is shit the make england better than every team now apart Spain and
    Brazil its pish England are fukin crap compared to them

  4. Hey just for advice, You seem more of a passer than a dribbler, when you
    play online matches and ure opponent is really gud, then use spain for the

  5. I never thought i’d see two players so bad, my gran could beat both of you
    with her eyes closed. crap gameplay -_____-

  6. That was nice man!Don’t worry about these cunts in here.They don’t know
    what full manual really is.

  7. Yep. I’ve posted this one in February… We’ve played our early EURO 2012,
    same groups… 😉

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