6 Replies to “euro 2012 recap croatia dominates ireland”

  1. true but i do believe if the Irish go forward and a little attacking flair
    to there game as well as switch from a 442 to a 433 they can cause problems
    for even the best of teams the coach just needs to trust his players and
    count on their ability…i appreciate your comment check out my channel and
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  2. come on dont say that there are good team with alot of experienced players
    who play for top clubs..they just need a a better game plan and more
    anticking flair and on their day they can beat any team……i appreciated
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  3. thanks for the comment i hope the irish really pick up and play to there
    full potential because they have really great and experienced players and
    if they play to there full potential they can be the special surprise of
    the euros…however due to the coach being so defensive minded i worry if
    the team will ever demonstrate any attacking flair going forward… check
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    i would really appreciate it

  4. Thank you for review of game. I hope we will show full power vs Italy in
    few days. In my opinion we played less defence in mind and saved some
    players for game against Italy. Ireland doesn’t know how to play much
    “@earth”. Our MFs were playing without much need of defence because Ire
    only kick ball from GK to ST. Overall, Croatia were playing in 2nd speed of
    5. We can and must much better. Italy will show where we are in this mome
    and I hope we will win vs them like every time we play vs them.

  5. “naive defending” – basically the Irish were not prepared properly for this
    game. croatia dominated us at set pieces appart from one slip up to allow
    Irish goal.

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