25 Replies to “Euro 2012: Ireland v Croatia Preview Show”

  1. great prediction by an australian soccer ” pundit ” …;-)))
    Always funny seein an aussie trying to debate over football : if or miracle he doesn’t talk
    ridiculous bs , you can be sure still he will whine x a 2006 WC game his crappy team lost upon a game’s rule so he will show his typical childish attitude !

  2. anti-Whites:

    Do you agree that If Saddam Hussein had flooded the Kurdish villages with non-Kurds and ordered the Kurds to “assimilate” and “celebrate this diversity” and thereby demographically wiping out the Kurds as an ethnic group he WOULD have been GUILTY of committing an intentional act of genocide?

    Keep Europe White European. White genocide must be stopped.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  3. hahaha awesome an ireland build up video..even though we lost bad to the crows.much respect lads…. best of luck in your group..well good sportsman for makn a video about the paddys woop woop:)

  4. Irish = Peado people…

    Glory to Croatia and Scotland and Norway.

    Great play Croatia.

  5. U clearly dont know much about Ireland.LFC is a Religion over ere.Plus check out where the 1st ever Lfc Manager was from

  6. Roll on the Spain, lets get drunk n party! We r gonna beat those spainish free loaders wit there 100 million bail out & we will beat italy. Ireland can win this! Cmon Robbie u r a legend wit ur cool tatoos & wit ur lovely down to earth wife. OLE OLE OLE OLE, Were gonna win da euros OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE. Cant wiat till thursday wen we win all all da cool irish will be partying hard & getting drunk. OLE OLE OLE OLE OLE.

  7. Italy will do rubbish come 3rd in the group Croatia last Spain 1st and irelland 2nd

  8. Im going to have a fiver on eire going unbeaten in 2012, not necessarily go through the group, 3 draws maybe.

  9. if we can get a win agaist croatia we will be on a high and should get through. cant see them breaking us down tbh once we dont lose i think we have a good chance of getting through should beat a weakend italian team and may just nick a point against spain #coybig

  10. I think we’d probably jump on that bangwagon like a cockney student on Paddy’s Day! 😉

  11. Because as Liverpool fans we feel as much affinity with Ireland as we do with England.

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