25 Replies to “Euro 2012 Group C Trailer; Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia”

  1. Ireland are well capable of going up against Italy well know from the world cup qualifiers two years ago…Croatia are also not to be underestimated….

    Expect plenty of draws in this one with goal difference perhaps being the key…

  2. 1. Spain 7pts
    2. Italy 7pts
    3. Croatia 3pts
    4. Ireland 0pts

    This is how it will be

  3. lol at people who think italy is a better team than croatia, croatia is 4 spots ahead of italy in the fifa rankings 1.spain 2. croatia 3. ireland 4. italy

  4. stop under estimating the irish, any time we have gotten to a major finals we have caused upsets and gotten out of the groups. 2002 robbie keane and ronaldo were the only 2 to score against kahn and germany. USA 1994, we beat italy who went on to lose the final. 1990 in italy, we reached the quarter finals of our first world cup. Euro 88, we beat england in the group, we drew with russia who went onto the final, and we conceded a late goal against the dutch who went onto win the tournament.

  5. 1.croatia
    idemo do kraja..hrvati…za dom spremni!

  6. I didn´t know Messi played for Spain when they won the world cup in 2010 and the Euro Cup in 2008 :o)

  7. I love when people underestimate Croatia. Obviously the hardest game for Croatia will be the first against Ireland.

  8. Ireland can easily beat Croatia and we have almost beaten Italy recently too. Doesnt look too bleak…and who knows….maybe a little surprise v spain..

  9. 1. Spain (7 points)
    2. Ireland (7 points)
    3. Croatia (3 points)
    4. Italy (0 points)

    Ireland 0-0 Spain
    Spain 3-0 Croatia
    Italy 0-1 Ireland
    Spain 3-1 Italy
    Ireland 2-1 Croatia
    Italy 0-2 Croatia

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