Dejan Lovren – The World Cup Star from Croatia Rejects Accusation of Fascism


Dejan Lovren joined Lyon in France denied he sang fascist songs after the victories of Croatia in the World Cup or made any homophobic statements on Twitter that he was attacked the former Liverpool player told AFP in Lyon’s interview, where he played from 2010-13. He stated that they distort negatively at once without referring to the ideal song. It doesn’t have anything to do with fascism. Lovren claims that for him, it is a patriotic song about this country that means that he loves his country.

A video emerged after Croatia had been eliminated by Brazil in the Qatar quarter-finals showing the players singing in the changing room with Marcelo Brozovic and Lovren of Inter Milan at the center.

A few viewers claim that the song was Za Dom Spremni an anthem of the Ustase fascist organization that joined hands with the Nazis during Yugoslavia’s Second World War occupation. Lovren said that the song that is being talked about isn’t Za Dom Spremni Cavoglave which is not fascist at all. It goes back to the country’s liberation and Croatia’s glory that they sing for celebrating the happy event.

Bojna Cavoglave dates from 1992 and it had been a shit for Thompson- the Croatian band. It had been written by Marko Petkovic, the lead singer who fought in a Croatian militia in the wars of Yugoslav. Lovren said that it isn’t good that his stay begins like this and he respects everyone. The first individual who congratulated him after the World Cup was Novak Djokovic, who is from Serbia- the country where he has many friends.

Lovren had been playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg at the time had attracted criticism. Too after tweeting a photo that seemed to show him canceled Disney Plus subscription simply after the American media company had made clear its opposition to the Don’t Say Gay legislation of Florida.