25 Replies to “Croatia World Cup 1998 Goals”

  1. What a great team! Suker was one of the best player in the world. Congratulations for your great world cup!
    Greetings from France.

  2. dajana bitchOVIC , Croats and Albanians are good friends and they have 1 thing in common – THEY FUCKED SERBS SO HARD .
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  4. What the fuck are you on about? Croatia made it almost into the Semi-Finals of Euro 2008 without EDUARDO DA SILVA, their main striker, who suffered a horrid injury earlier that year.. The only reason why they lost that quarter-final game against turkey was because of entire bullshit.. Croatia scored in the 119th min of extra time to make it 1-0, and turkey equalise in the 122nd min when the game should of been over… Watch Croatia this Euro 2012, then talk buddy..

  5. The only reason the croats made it that far is because their team had 70% star players from former Yugoslavia – Yugoslavia made those player who they were. Today those players are retired and the croats no longer pass the first round of any tournaments and quite frankly it is going to be like that for along time to come.

  6. URUGUAY ! hahhahahahaha !
    yea i agree with you , Croats have a great team !

  7. WOW thanks for the heads up to everyone arounbd the world who supports us croatians, thanks very much , i will do the same thing for you , and good video

  8. Greetings to Croatia from Sweden. You did what we did in World Cup 94 with your golden generation. Good luck in the future.

  9. Croatia is football superpower! They had a golden generation like us in 1954.
    But now we have to learn from our best neigbour!
    Greetings from Hungary!

  10. Everytime somebody laugh at Croatia cause of their recent sport results i just say Show me a country who came first time on world cup and won bronze medal :))

  11. Davor Suker is one of the greatest to ever play, not because of how good he was, but because of the heart and soul he had for the game. This video brings a tear to my eye. Idi Hrvatska!

  12. Will never forget Davor Suker and the rest of this team. Long may you run / Swedish guy

  13. Great team. I watched them in Dublin in 2001 in a friendly, and I couldnt believe how tall, fast, and skillful they were. In England and Ireland, if a player is tall , we forgive him for not being so skillful or fast

  14. Ideeeeeeeemo 2012 PRVACI ! bilo je dosta 98 Thurma zabje 2 gola…. Turci 2008 spizde nas.. 2010 nema . E A SAD MORAMO !!!!

  15. Don’t mind this troll. He’s just a virgin who thinks he’s cool for being older than me. Get a life.

  16. Jag beter mig inte som en 6-åring iaf. Jag gissar på att du är någon 15-17 åring (inte äldre med tanke på stavningen) som har en serbisk vän som snackar skit om kroater. Snälla, stick härifrån. Du skämmer ut dig…

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