25 Replies to “Croatia vs France (World Cup 98)”

  1. something about the slow motion replay which just makes it so sexy!

  2. What a memory! I remember the Croatians really scared us…

    It’s the best wordlcup i saw, not matter we were champions or not. But it was fairplay and all teams played well 🙂

  3. Ladić(Dinamo),Šimić(Inter Milano),Bilić(Everton),Štimac(Derby),Jarni(Real Madrid),Soldo(Stuttgart),Asanović(Napoli),Stanić(Chelsea),Boban(Milan)  ,Prosinečki(Barcelona-R.Madrid),Šuker(R.Madrid)
    A ćiro največi trener,on je morao s ovom ekipom biti prvak.

  4. if we passed france we would shit the brasil out 😀 awesome world cup that was a real football

  5. @kadees21
    This song is “la cours des grands- Axel red & youssou ndour”

  6. Thuram : 142 Matchs with National Team : 2 Goals only. When ? In the semi-final of the world cup at home….It’s just fuckin awesome

  7. were not the only friend I was 12 and I felt very sad when Croatia was eliminated, was and is my favorite team in the world, but the Croatia 1998, will take it in the memory forever by the great Davor Suker

  8. this was the real final game of France 98 … Davo Suker and the best player in the world

  9. i saw so many games, beautiful goal and assists, but this one Asanovic gave to Suker was absolutely masterpiece, surely greatest i’ve ever seen

  10. it was one of the best teams of 90’s – i mean our croatian brothers.

  11. Croatia 98.. Best. Team. our Country ever had.. Suker best striker! would have been so awesome if we had won 🙁

  12. mogli smo i ne ić na svjetsko da šmajhel nije ono sve grcima obranio, hehe. ali tek sad nakon više od 10 godina sam svjetan kakav je to uspjeh bio. sad strepimo za kvalifikacije, kamoli da grupu prođemo.

  13. i watched the game and cried my hart out after it was over. but a great world cup for croatia. it’s not the end of the world to lose from the champions.
    awesome song too, BEST world cup song ever imo!

  14. That was the best Croatian team of all time. they got the best Croatian uniform of all World Cups! that was a really nice jersey

  15. Croatia had (and has) a phenomenal team. One of those countries that will always produce strong teams I guess.

  16. Ovo budi lijepe uspomene , šteta smo so bili 3. mogli smo biti 1.!

  17. love the song… and the video was just as good! makes me wish i was there! nice work 😀

  18. July 8th was the saddest night in my life. i remember i cried all night, just 10 years old… three days later i felt a little bit better but when i think that we could have been chamipons… and i was trying to find this song and now, 11 years latter i found it. it reminds me how great was that summer. hvala stari:))

  19. This song is the best of all World Cup or European Championship songs if you ask me, on the best World Cup ever, not just cause Croatia finished 3rd, but cause of all great players from all countries. I don’t think we will have such a World Cup in the future, but I hope we will.

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