16 Replies to “Croatia – Spain 0-1 Goal Jesus Navas EURO 2012 18.06.2012.”

  1. wtf 100% offside fuck spain and germany croatia on top suck my dick =U=

  2. kad je Stark pokrao real u polufinalu LP 2011. protiv barcelone nista se nije pricalo, a ovdje je pokrao i španjolsku i hrvatsku. u prvom poluvremenu čisti penal na piqeu nije sviran i u drugom na ćorluki. i trebao je bit prekršaj i žuti za onaj faul na mandžukiću u prvom poluvremenu.
    što se tiče ovog gola, čisti gol, nikakav offside, navas je bio u ofsajdu, ali lopta nije išla na njega i zabio je iz druge akcije. eto čisto za one koji ne znaju pravila.

  3. The ones who say it was offside, is just jealous about Spain and their unbeatable football. by the way, at this case not Jesús’s position is the determiner. Iniesta got the pass first and he was on the line, when Cesc made the pass. After it, Jesús was behind the ball. No offside either way. Just perfection.

  4. spain SUCKS…country unfair like messi…

    spains tactic(how to win everything):
    1.sole referee
    2.just play defensive until last 5 min.
    4.be happy

    p.s. if you want to know who’s better,ronaldo or messi,100% ronaldo…messi don’t knows how to dribble,everything what he knows is to score a goal(get ball near the gola and just shoot)

  5. When there is no more players, and 2 players go to score the goal, they are allowed to do that

  6. It would have been a passive offside had Iniesta scored goal himself without passing the ball to Navas.
    I have no doubt, had roles been reversed and Croatia scored this goal it would not have been allowed.

  7. this is true but the stupid thing is that it is called”new action” that is the stupidest rule ever…how can that be new action it is the same action..lol..”new action” is when we scored second goal against ireland…

  8. what r u talking about?? the goal is clear… ball was going to Iniesta which is in the line with Corluka and Navas is in passive offside and that doesnt count (if u watch football u must know rules)… next is “new” action where Iniesta passes to Navas who is slightly behind Iniesta and it is not offside again… that goal isnt the issue … PROBLEM IS CLEAR FOUL AND PENALTY ON CORLUKA IN 86.MINUTE…UEFA=MAFIA… Croatia was robbed!! Platini and Stark idiots !!!

  9. Yes I noticed that it was offside, but did it count as a goal in the game?

  10. 0:05 100 % offside. watch where is Navas when Iniesta pass ball to him.

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