Croatia Puts Up Valiant Efforts Against Portugal

Croatia, along with other teams is in the focus due to the euro 2016 tournament that is ongoing right now.

If you have seen the recent match that was played between Croatia and Portugal you will realize that the match had been a difficult one for both teams. Indeed, Croatia definitely puts up a formidable performance in the match. It was only at the end that they could not save themselves from the goal that Ricardo scored for Portugal and secured victory for his team.

You might have seen the game, the way the teams played and how the last minute victory exhausted all the efforts that Croatia put in to keep up their team at the winning edge. The tie position that Croatia was with Portugal was thus changed in favor of Portugal. However, for those who witnessed the game, they will realize that Croatia played brilliantly, against their formidable opponent and made it difficult for the team to score goals. That is after all what determines the level of playing on a team and not how many goals are scored or given away by a team.

If you see the way both teams moved out of the group stage, it was an interesting progress to check out. For instance, Portugal was able to move out of the group rounds by a narrow margin as the last deciding match was between Croatia and Portugal. The match was a shocking one; Croatia shows that they were definitely a better side to support. They, however, caged in their efforts in playing in the defense. Hence, their only weakness was not leashing their playing skills at the right moment that led to Portugal being able to score at the last minute. Indeed, the efforts of the goal keeper were commendable for this game at least.