Croatia-Jamaica 3:1 (1998) 1st game

Croatia Soccer Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. lol it’s cool dude…as di jamaican sayin goes wi likkle but wi tallawah lol, oh & i wasn’t mad or anything just so u knw…big up from a yardie zn lol

  2. i didnt write this ! my stupid freind writed it i love jamaica ! and i know u country is small but u are strong 😉 PS : My english sucks 🙁

  3. I have a lot of respect for Croatia always come whit a great team.I still rem Boban,Suker and many other Croatian legends.

  4. we’re 1 of the smallest countries to ever play in a world cup…you really expect us to be as good as brazil/germany or spain -_-

  5. Fue el gol que mas me gusto, el de Prosinecki, en la historia de los mundiales, junto al de Maradona a Ing (1986, el 2do).

  6. Best of luck in this qualifying round from Croatia, and I hope we’ll be able to watch Croatia and Jamaica in Brazil 2014. World Cup 😀

  7. Well i know after this they lost to Argentina 5-0, then they beat Japan i think 2-1, and they havn’t qualified since, but they will again one day… i know it!

  8. That was one good game 😀 What happened to Jamaica? They were a great team, I always feel a bit sad when they don’t qualify for the WC, best wishes from Croatia that they finally manage to qualify in Brasil 2014.:D

  9. I remember watching this game live.

    I thought that England’s B team (Jamaica) would have fared better against the Northern Slavs. I know the Serbs in my area were distraught for months after Hrvatska’s run in 98. The fact that they (Croats) have been better ever since the breakup of Yugo-land, really burns their asses – to this day.

  10. dude…i’m sorry but the idiot that you are fighting with is SERBIAN not Croatian.
    Only a stupid Serbian troll can come here, spit on blacks,Croatia etc.
    so yeah…please don’t insult my country 🙂

  11. Ghana kicked ur fucking Serbia pussy in World Cup in South Africa! You people migrate threw Europe cuz ur country is the trash bucket of Europe. So u dumb Nazi better shut your mouth, insert ur Cevapcici inside ur ass or burn yourself or whatever!

  12. Prosinecki nije ni namjeravao sut xD vidi se da je pokusao ubaciti, nemoj pogresno shvatiti Prosinecki je jedan od najboljih fudbalera ikada ali ono nije bilo namjerno

  13. go fuck ur mom, thats why in Euro 2008 we were runners up, fuck u and your shithole war torn croatia

  14. blacks suck in soccer? buddy…Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria would fuck Croatia a new asshole in soccer

  15. Jamaica would’ve made this game a draw if they didnt smoke so much weed before the game xD

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