Brazil 3-1 Croatia Fifa World Cup 2014 Begins! Match Reaction | MrFlyingPigHD

Croatia Soccer Online video Score: four / five

25 Replies to “Brazil 3-1 Croatia Fifa World Cup 2014 Begins! Match Reaction | MrFlyingPigHD”

  1. Soft penalty, but still a penalty in my eyes. I don’t even care im just
    happy the world cups finally here!

  2. That penalty changed the game, very poor refereeing.
    The outcome could have been very different…

  3. Always enjoy ya vids pal, usually laugh a few times.. in a good way!
    haha…did a review myself mate, would be cool to check it out,
    like/comment ect.. no worries if not.

  4. I agree that the decisions the ref made were wrong but Brazil definitely
    deserved to win

  5. If you think about it, if Brazil would of lost the protests would have been
    much more violent, so I think the ref can be forgiven for that.

  6. Mr.pig….what do u think of Cesc fabergas move to Chelsea. ?does this make
    chelsea the fav for the league next season if they also get a world class
    striker?and do u think Cesc Fabregas is a world class player?

  7. i didnt understand brazil playing hulk on the left, he was awful, i would
    have taken lucas moura personaly hulk gets a good goal every 5-10 games
    thats it!

  8. People seriously need to stop crying about the penalty. The Croatian is
    clearly holding Fred, regardless of whether it’s a foul or not, from the
    referees POV he sees him being held. Croatia didn’t even deserve a win or a
    draw considering they didn’t do anything special besides a couple chances.
    The better team won.

  9. Ref was shit, ofcourse the home country will get some ˝help˝, but this was
    taken a bit too far. I even think croatia played better tha brazil (without
    oscar and neymar, they were gash!). It should’ve been a draw.

  10. Brazil got lucky. Croatia should of won that 2-1. The Croatia keeper was
    dreadful too. Don’t think Brazil are all that tbh.

  11. You know what I thinx?

    That the world cup is fixed and brazil is going to win it with the help of
    the referee

    brazil needs to win the world cup so that the many people will be happy
    and ignore the problems that brazil has in the country 

  12. This tournament will be rigged and fixed as far as I’m concerned. The game
    should have been a draw tbh. There shouldn’t have been a pen and the goal
    shouldn’t be disallowed. Felt bad for the Croats. I hope it’s not 2002 all
    over again. 

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