25 Replies to “Australia vs Croatia World Cup 2006”

  1. what a bloody stupid referee. and how many yellow cards does that guy need?

  2. surely its 3-2 to aus! look at the last bit of the video, its a goal, it gets ruled out, but surely it should have been a penalty seconds before!!!

  3. you should spend 20 years refereeing, go to the world cup and fix the problem

  4. That game was Poll’s nightmare and after that he couldn’t referee another game. He retired immediately after that game.

  5. The commentator kept his cool and said this was an extraordinary game without laughing even once lol

  6. This world cup game literally had everything!
    Offside goals, rugby tackles, blatant handballs, an incompetent ref and cards flying everywhere!
    They don’t get much more emotional than this!!

  7. that world cup (including the qualifiers against Uruguay) was right out of a movie script. so. many. emotions. god, i was completely drained by the end of the Italy match.

  8. lol at 1:11… the gestures of the lady (a reporter, for sure) claiming for the penalty for Australia.. It was, by the way… Regards to Australia & Croatia, from tiny Panama!…

  9. Best video man, this is probably at least the 10th time i’ve watched this

  10. Viduka coped so much shit for playin bad but he actually did all the dirty work for the team

  11. that was the worst refereeing i’ve seen for a long time

  12. Ne kužim šta je Šimuniću prolazilo kroz glavu , cemu to hrvanje.

  13. that was funny match,one of the specifics in that match is a fact that played 17 croatians in two teams.

  14. the most extraordinary thing is Josip Simunic should’ve been sent off for a straight red in the sixth minute for his clear foul on Viduka denying him a goalscoring chance, how the referee didn’t know he hadn’t been booked before on 90 minutes God knows… dawned on him in the 94th minute, shame it was too late by then

  15. this graham poll is a knobhead, why the fuck would he blow the whistle whilst australia have the run of play and would of scored? every ref know that you finish the play first then blow it ffs, fair enough if it was in the middle of the ground somewhere or both teams were just keeping possession then by all means blow the whistle, but to blow it as he scores is just a knobhead move, this guy is a cum guzzling fuckwit

  16. Aw cmon you gotta get 2 red cards to get purple card and get off. Meaning 5 yellow cards for 2 red. But still he got 3 yellow cards and 1 red, go figure…

  17. The players weren’t making it easy for Poll. Simunic is a crybaby.

  18. watching the replays of this made me furois. the ref was freaking horrible

  19. Yeah and we were referred to as being the underdogs and were lucky to tie but to be honest croatias second goal was very lucky and we generated a lot more chances and were disallowed a goal that should have been counted but we got through 😀

  20. Best game of the tournament for me. But I’m biased. The wost thing about Graham Poll’s performance, apart from the 3 yellow cards, was blowing the full time whistle a second before Aloisi stroked the ball home for what should have made it 3-2. Useless English wanker.

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