16 Replies to “ALEX SONG RED CARD! Cameroon vs Croatia 2014 Analysis World Cup Brazil 2014 (Not actual footage)”

  1. I think Alex Song was paid somehow to do this, not necessarily from
    Croatia, but paid by someone who bet large money on Croatia winning. Pepe’s
    was a moment of anger, but Song wasn’t angry and nothing happened to lead
    up to him doing that. He also did it while the ref was looking.

    I think Song is a piece of shit and needs to be banned from playing for
    Cameroon again.

  2. That was unforgivable. That behavior was so wrong indeed and someone
    really got hurt after that.

  3. *VERY* Good. *Goodjob* cos’.. – *Every* Stage Needs its.. – *YEAH!* –
    C.l.o.w.n.s *..Right?* ;))

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