21 Replies to “2006 FIFA World Cup: Socceroos VS Croatia”

  1. ” A golden moment for Australia from Australia’s golden boy” “well it just
    had to be Harry”

  2. I was in Stuttgart that evening with a bunch of my idiot American friends,
    got smashed in “der weindorf” (wine town, more or less) w/ a lad from
    Scotland and one from Australia, then ended up in the lone Irish Pub (at
    least that we were aware of) in Stuttgart, Biddy Early’s, where there were
    a large number of Aussie’s & Yanks getting rightly “pissed” (as y’all down
    under like to say..), needless to say all of us belted out “down under” at
    the top of our lungs at the conclusion of the match!

  3. i remember when that guy got 3 yellow cards the dirty cheating scum, and
    the ref was retarded

  4. of course, a good draw like a victory. i am spanish, but i love socceroos
    too (and the wallabies too), i think that they deserved win the last Asian
    Cup, and i am sure that we’ll see in the next world cup, where i hope an
    australian good play. cheers and a big hug for australia. PD. what’s the
    song’s name? thx!!! 😉

  5. Imagine what could have happened if Hiddink stuck with the performing

  6. ozzy the magic ” we love you harry kewell ” Fans of Galatasaray Istanbul

  7. both teams played well me folks are cro Im aussie 2006 for Australia If I
    look back 1998 world cup was for Croatia. Well done to the green and gold
    spider well ya had nerves playing against the croats as you are one yaself.
    Good game finger bighting all the way. Lets see ya kick butt 2010 pls!!
    play it on…

  8. who are the fans wearing tablecloths?I see that symbol on purina dog chow

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