25 Replies to “1998 FIFA World Cup All Goals in 1 Hour Part 6/6”

  1. So many thrilling and exciting games played in this tournament, with so many amazing goals, you can’t easily chose which was the best game and which was the best goal !! Imagine how perfect this tournament was !!

  2. This World Cup was for Brazil won it. In addition, instances of missed penalty kicks from following matches:
    ARGENTINA 2 (4) – (3) 2 ENGLAND – Eighth finals
    ITALY 0 (3) – (4) 0 FRANCE – Quarter finals
    BRAZIL 1 (4) – (2) 1 NETHERLANDS – Semi Finals

  3. The way Barthez celebrated that second goal against Brazil was hilarious.

    Barthez: Hm, another corner for us. No biggie if we can keep this 1-0 lead.
    *after the goal*


  4. These are ONLY the goals scored in normal and extra time. The penalty shootout goals between England vs. Argentina( Argentina won ), Brazil vs. Holland( Brazil won ), and also France vs.Italy( France won ) in the quarter final ( a game which ended 0-0 after normal and extra time ) are not included ( although it would have been nice ) because goals scored in penalty shootouts are not considered by FIFA as ” match goals scored”. Hope this helps.

  5. So..  Argentina vs England somehow ended 2-2? and Brazil vs Holland also ended in a tie??? That’s weird….

  6. Definitely the best world cup and the best Dutch team ever. Every of the 13 Dutch goals is a classic. They deserved to win this world cup.

  7. It’s not half as cool as Brian Laudrup’s (and Denmark’s 2nd) goal celebration against Brazil in the quarters. Best celebration ever.

  8. Probably, but that just goes to show how bad can it be to rely on the creative sparks of one player.

  9. Thuram’s celebration to his second goal against Croatia is hilarious, even he can’t believe it.

  10. Thanks for your videos @wakinchou!

    Enjoyed it so much! What a world cup! Wonderful memories of my childhood regarding to football!

  11. Hands down the best World Cup ever. It had everything, drama, goals and outstanding knockout rounds. Even the group stage games were exciting to watch as games were tied in the 90+ minute. WC 2010 doesn’t compare to this. Too many teams are afraid of losing than trying to win.

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